Monday, July 26, 2010

The Professor's Portrait

This last Saturday, I began work for what will be my first 'official' portrait. I am painting my friend, Andrew Schmidt, who has recently become a professor of Technical Communications.

For those that know him, Andrew has always had a regal... some might say royal... air about him, so it is only fitting that he should have his portrait painted. Somewhere along the lines of how Henry VIII was asked to sit still for a period of time while servants brought him goblets of wine, Andrew was asked to sit in my living room while friends brought him glasses of spiked lemonade. Holding one of my ancient art books, we began.

I took some pictures, and tried a few different compositions. I felt the pressure after hanging out and eating hotdogs and hamburgers, so didn't apply too much paint... but sketched out the main forms and started blocking things in. I'll be working on it again this week, maybe switching things up a little bit. After all, he has a great sense of humour, and I want his painting to accurately reflect the man behind the robes.

I'll be posting updates on the Professor's Portrait, as things progress. Watch this space!

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