Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey ya'll. It's been a while since I posted, and I'm been doing some fun stuff. We've got a lot to catch up on.

Firstly, though, I want to highlight this little guy;

He hasn't been well at all. He hurt his back, damaging two vertibrae. Gotta love that dog, and hope he gets better soon.

In other news, Andrew's portrait is ready for the tour. First stop, his Mom.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in a portrait, please let me know. I'm going to run discount rates for those who commit before the end of the year!

P.A. and I went on a great, relaxing and much-needed weekend away to the mountains in October. We stayed in Dillard, GA, but made short road trips out to Cashiers, NC and somewhere else that I now can't remember. We stopped at a gallery out in the countryside, and met William Whiteside; an 85 year-old WWII veteran and artist, who was selling his entire collection (originals and prints) at discount, so he could sell up and move to Atlanta to be near his wife. She is in a home in Alpharetta. Mr. Whiteside had some great stories to share about his time in the Phillipines and his life after the war. We bought two prints as mementos of our conversation with him -- and now P.A. is thinking about tracking him down again to record an oral history.

Tonight starts the beginning of a crazy weekend! We're going to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. Yeah, judge me: I've been excited all day.

However, today was also the day to submit work for the Pin-Up exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgia. I had intentions to paint something... anything... but for whatever reason left it too late and couldn't get my head around it. That just reminded me that I left all my stuff out on the dining room table, from earlier this week, and I should probably clean that up.

Nevertheless, I took P.A.'s advice, and printed a photograph I took two summer's ago.

It's my Grandpa. My Dad's Dad, Eugene Sr... in Westcliffe, Colorado. We had just been fishing, and stopped in the little town by the lake to get an ice cream.

I love this picture, but I wasn't convinced that others would... I mean, when it's your own Grandpa, you're not looking with an unbaised view, right? But some positive feedback from P.A. and some great friends convinced me it was the right thing to submit. As for me... I like the colour contrasts, the blue of his outfit in the center popping in the orange/yellow background. I think the composition is pretty solid, and draws your eye where it's supposed to go. There's a lot to look at, and each piece tells part of the story. His cane has fallen to the floor. His hat says 'I love Jesus'. The map above him I think is symbolic of the travels and journeys of his life.

I struggled with what to name the picture. I ended up with 'Y Todos Seguidos', which means 'And we all followed'.

I think it speaks to him as a leader, of our family. I think it speaks to us following his values and his nature... even down to him taking time to stop for ice cream. My Dad, me... we are all who came after him. There is a much larger story that is hinted here but left untold, like a snapshot of a moment in a long lifetime. We follow in his footsteps.

This picture is meaningful to me in a multitude of ways. I think it is a good representation of how I see and will remember my grandfather. He is in a home now, in Colorado, and I miss him. A lot has changed in his life in less than 2 years.

So here I am. Drinking free wine (the best kind) and listening to Pandora, and Cee-Lo is playing. Potter tonight, exhibit tomorrow, art sale action and Thanksgiving goodness around the corner! And I got a new niece this week! My cousin Robert had a baby girl, Eabha Georgina. Can't wait to meet her. Lots of things to be thankful for, right? What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Thanks for stopping by today.